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[Locked to residents of the Main Gauche]

The political situation, and the surge in Rift activity and tragedies, have convinced me and my advisors that some force needs to be readied to respond to disasters in a way which the Mundane population of Chicago is neither trained nor equipped to. A sort of National Guard, if you would, for the Supernatural world.

To this end I am bringing in a number of specialists from my protectorate in Las Vegas. They will be quartered in the Main Gauche.

I want to stress that each individual will be selected according to the highest standards of integrity, responsibility, and skill, and while in Chicago, they will be held to the highest standards of conduct, personally accountable to me. However, not being unaware of the reputation of the Las Vegas demons, I realize that this may make a number of you uncomfortable.

Captain Jack Harkness of Torchwood is engaged in setting up a new Supernatural sanctuary in the Kashtta Tower of downtown Chicago. It will take the place of the lamentably fallen Conrad Hotel. The Captain is one of the early Riftcomers to have come to this city, and was instrumental in standing against the extremism of Romana Angelos. Torchwood has also stood as protectors of Riftcomers, notably opening their doors during the CLF attacks. I can say with confidence that they will do their best to look after any who choose to call the Kashtta home.

If you would prefer to remain in the Main Gauche, there will be no pressure to leave. If you would prefer to leave, I will see you safely situated in the Tower. If at any point your decision changes, I will see to it that transportation is provided for you to move freely from either locale to the other.

If you have any concerns, my door is always open.

[Locked to Martha Jones]


I've just seen the updated lists of the missing.

I am so terribly sorry.

If there's anything I can do – anything at all – please, tell me. My door is always open.



I know after the chaos of this weekend, a number of you may be shaken and looking for answers. I wish I had them to provide. We are still compiling lists of the missing, the Rift-taken and the dead. My people are personally seeing to this. If you need assistance, shelter, or help in any other way, we will do our best to provide.

I also have a terrible announcement to make.

Taylor Barnam died recently, killed by a monster in the Rift upset. She was my guardian angel, but more than that, she was a brilliant young woman who went against the wishes of her entire family to show that Angels, Demons, Riftcomers and Natives could exist together – if not perfectly, then peaceably and with hope for a better future.

Her family will not, I imagine, take this news well. They may retaliate against Chicago, against me, and against anyone who might stand in their way.

Chicago is protected by a treaty, ratified by a First Angel and a Neqa'el Demon, which states that neither Demons nor Angels shall field armies against the other. I have no intention of letting this treaty fail, but if it becomes necessary, I will protect Chicago and its citizens, be they Demon, Angel, Riftcomer or otherwise.

I hope it does not come to this.


{{OOC: The following is fairly obviously a note-to-self to which locking was added as an afterthought}}

Bottled water
First aid/medical supplies
Amenities of comfort – books, games, etc.

{{A list of neighborhoods, those already visited by heralds stricken out}}

{{A list of behemoths, behemoth-drawn rigs, bicyclists, bicycle rigs, a few lists of neighborhoods and streets which may be possible routes, a list of times, a note which simply reads Necessity of escorts?}}

Given the preponderance of literal nightmares on the streets these days, I suppose I should be thankful this is only a logistical nightmare.

[Locked to Tay, Torchwood Command, Vincent]

{OOC: Backdated to very, very early on Livestock Day}

I've spoken with a Temeluchus who has some access to used cars. He's being so kind as to strip down several of the older models and fit them with some sort of towing apparati; with the Behemoths and some of the larger Shapeshifters volunteering, we may have a few more working carts capable of transporting people around the city. I've also spoken to one of the supernatural organizers of the Chicago Critical Mass; she's said that bicycle carts should also be available. I think it would be prudent to organize transit routes.

Has anyone put out a call to Riftcomers capable of teleportation or related abilities?

As another concern, we seem to be doing well getting the word out through the Supernatural community, but what of the Mundane? On a level of cold pragmatics, the JCC Auditorium is not large enough to contain every first-born child in Chicago; even with the non-Mundanes, I imagine it will be quite solidly packed. But to simply abandon them to their fate would vindicate a good deal of what the CLF attributed to the Supernatural community in general.

One of the few things we seem to have some surplus of is lamb's blood. Our Conjurers seem to have quite a network; over the past few days I've had more come in than I had solicited, and they've been working to the best of their abilities to bring in lambs. We're developing quite a collection, though if they do fall ill today, we may have to begin slaughtering them immediately. Their charity in stretching their own limits may give us the resources to save more than our own community.

If the Plagues continue in order, today is a plague upon livestock and tomorrow, a plague of boils. Compared to many of the last Plagues, as well as the upcoming, these may be the safest two days to send out heralds and messengers. Going neighborhood to neighborhood shouting down the streets that lambs will be made available to community organizers may not be the most orthodox of options, and to be honest I'd be somewhat concerned that we'd start a run on lambs' blood, but it may be the best of our options.

[Locked to the Prophet]

I wanted to extend my condolences over the news that broke on the journals – the Nephilim children, as well as the late Mr. Flagg's attempt to expose the Rift. Even if you didn't know them, I'm terribly sorry.

...I also wanted to ask if you knew anything of our plague of blood. I'm certain it must be a Rift effect, and while I wouldn't dream of holding you responsible for it... can anything be done?

Sep. 18th, 2009


Not long ago, as I'm sure you all know, an Angel was crucified in Grant Park.

To say that this was a shocking and enraging occurrence would be to understate a terrible issue, and yet this is merely the latest and most grotesque in a string of terrors. The odious CLF was correct in one assessment: our city teeters on the brink of catastrophe, though not for the reasons they suspect. Domestic terrorism tears apart the peace of our streets, foreign Neqa'el express their interest in reclaiming this area for the war which persists in most other parts of the world, and a powerful family of Archangels would prefer to see all of the greater Chicago area purged of Demon life and Wanderer dissent. In the midst of this, the Rift still opens wider, pulling more Riftcomers into this space where they are now expected to live, despite their wishes and the hostility of the world around them.

This cannot continue. The desire to live, without threat of violence, without threat of atrocity, is neither an Angelic nor a Demonic notion – it is a notion of a free and thinking people. Chicago must not become a land where this sort of crime is allowed to pass without comment, without reprisal, or worst of all without a resolution in our community that we will not suffer such atrocities placidly.

The first trial for Supernatural rights has recently concluded, and the onus is on us all to advance this nascent justice. Chicago can be a safe place, a good place, but not without our efforts.

If any of you have information about the ones who seek to tear our city apart, I ask that you report it to a center of authority. I will hear complaints, as I hope will the Archangel commander Vincent Sterling and the Riftcomer Martha Jones. Together we may see these murderers brought to justice.

[Locked to Tay]

Given certain things I've seen, I suspect the person behind this may be the same person responsible for Amber's current state – our esteemed mayor, Mr. Flagg. However important it is to give the public a sense that something will be done, I confess I'm unsure of how to confront someone with such obvious political and criminal power. What would your training say about how to confront a violent, powerful, and entrenched enemy?

Your family is planning to attack the stronghold of a Neqa'el demon, after all, non-militaristic as I may be. I imagine it's crossed the collective mind.

[Locked to Vincent]

I'm sure you're aware of the problem of Taylor's cousin coming to the city to reclaim her. The situation's progressed much farther than I'm willing to tolerate. I think it would be prudent for you and I to meet to address this, ideally before it devolves to full-scale war.

To those of you I've not met, allow me to introduce myself. I'm Elashte, the Neqa'el of Cicero and Taylor Barnam's ward.

Nearly a year ago, I worked in the Sydney Jasper clinic when Taylor turned sixteen and obtained her wings. It's hard to imagine that it's been a scant year since, when one considers all that's occurred.

It seems to me that, given the trials she's faced in her first year as a winged Angel, some commemoration is in order. However, as my own youthful years are far behind me, I think it wise to invite her peers to plan the day for her, and to say that they will have my support in seeing it happen. Money is no object. And I'm sure both our schedules can accommodate whatever is planned.

~ Elashte

[Locked to Taylor]

To hear Malek's report, one would think you put the fear of Taylor Barnam into your entire extended family. Is it too much to ask that the real report will differ only in degree?